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About the State of California

California introduction:
About the State of California - 第1张  | California info
Full name: State of California
Alias: California, the state of gold
Region: southwestern United States
Area code: 620
Official language: English
Dialect: California English
Area: 423970 km^2
Population: 40 million 120 thousand (2013)
Population density: 87.85/km^2 (2013)
Climate: Mediterranean climate
Time zone: Pacific: UTC-8/-7
Government: Sacramento
Attractions: San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood
License plate code: CAL
Well-known enterprises: IBM, Google, Apple Corp
Famous universities: California University, Stanford University
Under the jurisdiction of the region: Losangeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, Berkeley, etc.
Geographical position:The southwestern United States, East Pacific. Latitude: 32″30′N to 42″N; Longitude:114″8′W to 124″24′W