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Golden Gate Bridge in the movie

The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge is a miracle of bridge engineering. The magnificent Golden Gate Bridge makes San Francisco’s night sky more magnificent.
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When I saw the movie recently, I couldn’t help thinking about how many times the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was destroyed in the movie.
Think of “rise of the planet of the apes” was led by Kaiser orangutans occupation, in the “Mission Impossible 3″ destroyed, destroyed in the thriller “death to the 5″, “X” in the action film X-Men destroyed…… If you want to ask Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco how many times it was destroyed in the movie, I’m afraid it will be a difficult problem for statistical experts.
It, Came, from, Beneath, the, Sea (1955)
The giant variant of the movie, the octopus, brought disaster to San Francisco with six tentacles, and destroyed Golden Gate Bridge.
The Core (2003)
In the rescue of the earth, Golden Gate Bridge was torn into two, and a large number of cars were poured into the sea. And their purpose was to cause a big explosion to restart the earth.
X-Men:, The, Last, Stand (2006)
Magneto has made all the metals his weapons, and Golden Gate Bridge is no exception. He cut the chains of Golden Gate Bridge and used them as a tool for Alcatraz Island prison.
Mega, Shark, vs., Giant, Octopus (2009)
The giant shark appeared in San Francisco 1 million 500 thousand years ago, because this time the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge just to show a giant shark bite bite apple like bridge.
Rise, of, the, Planet, of, the, Apes (2011)
The movie was a real attempt to destroy San Francisco! Orangutans show destruction of Redwood National Park, police and frantic chimpanzee fight on Golden Gate Bridge. For orangutans, the Golden Gate Bridge bridge is the best climbing point. Destroy cars, explosions, battles. After the war, our Golden Gate Bridge was over again.
Pacific Rim (2013)
The most popular disaster movie of 2013. San Francisco, a city with Golden Gate Bridge, became the first target of a monster attack. Why are the monsters mad around Golden Gate Bridge? It’s no clear how many monsters are going to destroy Golden Gate Bridge…
Godzilla (2014)
Two Godzilla final destination is San Francisco, and this time the Golden Gate Bridge was directly as the battlefield. Not only have to bear the impact of Godzilla also suffered from missile attacks.